Perfect fries in 7 steps

Perfect fries in 7 steps


Who does not crave a good fries? As an appetizer, snack or accompaniment of dishes, are irresistible. But what seems so simple, how to make a fried egg that some would say, it is not at all. It is clear, not all chips are equal.

And how perfect fried legs are prepared? Here we give you some tricks to get it:

First. Potatoes should be cut to the same size. The difference in thickness and shape makes some are fried earlier and others later. It is advisable to about eight millimeters thick, not too fat, but not too thin, because it will absorb a lot of fat.

Second. Then you have to wash them, or leave them to soak for a few hours. So remove your excess starch. Not to forget then dry well and remove all moisture. In this we must be thorough.

Third. The oil that we choose is very important. Sometimes we opted for cheaper oils, but our advice is to choose a good olive oil extra virgin, because, for all its components, is the healthiest and form a film on food, prevents it from absorbing too much fat.

Fourth. Having chosen the oil is heated in the pan until it reaches about 140 °. And how will we know that it has reached this temperature? Very easy. Take a crumb of bread, if it sinks is that it is 140 degrees or so, if it goes up fast is that we have spent and is 175th. Solution, remove the pan from the heat a couple of minutes to that temple.

The oil should cover the potatoes, so you have to be generous with him. As AOVE, we will not waste even let a lot, because the quality of this oil allows it to be reused several times and maintaining their properties. AOVE is the most resistant to high temperatures oil, while other less healthy, release toxins when heated repeatedly.

Fifth. The ideal temperature is reached, we proceed to take the potatoes, gradually, if we put them all at once into the pan, heat the oil will drop out of the blue and potatoes suck a lot of oil to be softened.

And do not forget to remove them while they are fried, so they are equal on all sides.

After a few minutes, when the potatoes have been yellowed, the remove from the pan and put them on absorbent paper. So we will leave until cool.

Sixth. Now we only have a small step to the potatoes are at that point so crispy on the outside and soft inside, which we love. You must raise the oil temperature to approximately 180 degrees, which will check with the method that we have told you before. Now, it’s the time of the coup. We take again the potatoes in the oil and leave them until they are golden brown.

Also, if you think this process too long, you can do it in two parts. In the morning, for example, give the first hint of fried potatoes and a while before it comes time to take them, you come to throw them to the pan, to reach that point of crispy frying.

Seventh. Finally, we remove and drain them so they are not too oily and we season with salt to taste. READY to eat! Some potatoes in the frying perfect spot to enjoy them!

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