Sol & Terra

Sol & Terra

Sol & Terra

Oils 100% healthy

Sol&Terra is the range of oils 100% healthy developed by the Spanish company Aceites Sandua for the foreign market. Specially suited for the Global Consumer taste, Sol&Terra oils are smooth, pleasant on the palate and they constitute a healthy and tasty seasoning and accompaniment for every type of cuisine.

Mediterranean diet

Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet, worldwide recognized as the healthiest, Sol&Terra gathers a complete range of products.

Such as the extra virgin olive oil, a pure olive juice, as well as different blends of extra virgin olive oil, sunflower and rapeseed oil.

Quality spanish olive oil

Sol & Terra production is made entirely in Spain and it is marketed in different containers of glass, can and PET, and different sizes of 1, 3 and 5 litres; as well as 250, 500 and 750 ml.

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