Jam extra virgin olive oil

Jam extra virgin olive oil

If you are a lover of jams, with this going to hallucinate. Its texture, for its incredible taste and you'll be surprised when your guests associate with a cake, pâté, cheese ...
Furthermore, depending on the variety of aove that use the flavor will be different. We will propose the blend of Sandúa Great Selection or Empeltre and Arbequina monovarietal. You choose!

For the syrup:
150 g. of water
50 gr. of sugar

For the cream:
500 ml. of water
30 g. tapioca
250 ml. of extra virgin olive oil Great Selection, Capricho by Sandúa Arbequina or Empeltre, your choice.

Prepare the syrup by boiling water and sugar until it reaches the point of strand loose, which is what you get when you put a drop between two fingers and separate them out a thread that is cut away. You should be the consistency of syrup not too doughy. After you let it cool.

Cook tapioca with water for ten minutes, without stirring so they do not sin. When done, it is allowed to warm.

Then you incorporate the tapioca syrup and gradually AOVE, until it is linked. Soon, there will be taken the consistency of a jam and you can now accompany a toast, cake, pâté, cheese … has infinite possibilities! But the bottom line is to choose a high quality EVOO as proposed Sandúa you, if not the flavor will not be the same.

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