Jellybeans of extra virgin olive oil

Jellybeans of extra virgin olive oil

 Follow the instructions for to make an amazing jellybeans!

 Jellybeans of extra virgin olive oil Ingredients

120 g of water
170 g sugar
25 g glucose
1/2 vanilla pod
250 gr of extra virgin olive oil Great Selection Sandúa
10 sheets of gelatin

I show the glucose that I used, is a fondant in creative pastry shops, so fashionable, you can find it without problems.

We put glucose, sugar and water, if you have Thermomix 7 minutes, speed 1 to 90. If you do not have Thermomix, you put these three things in a saucepan and a put thermometer reaches 90 ° C.

We open the vanilla bean in half lengthwise, and with the tip of the knife inside it a scrape, we get what we add to the above mixture.

Add the extra virgin olive oil Great Selection Sandúa gradually shaped thread for emulsifying go slowly. With Thermomix 3 minutes in speed 4 and if you do not go adding the oil slowly and mix their with rods.

We incorporate gelatin drained. Mix 10 seconds on speed 4 with Thermomix and if not with the rods until it is fully integrated.

Pour into the mold that we like, we can do one long and then cut or any of chocolates.

In a couple of hours and had gelled … although this will depend on the size. Unmold

Put sugar over them, and ready to enjoy.


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