Fluid chocolate with EVOO and strawberrys

Fluid chocolate with EVOO and strawberrys


Chocolate with 70% cocoa

Extra virgin olive oil Capricho by Sandúa

Salt crystals

Seasonal strawberries

 Now it's strawberry season, go for a dessert that will surprise your guests for its texture and flavor, exquisite combination of chocolate with extra virgin olive oil and strawberries.

We found this recipe in Beatrice www.verema.com blog. And as we indicated, it is essential to choose the right material to succeed in the result, so the EVOO has to be Capricho by Sandúa.

Choose a salt in large crystals so that it does not dissolve and stay in the background. We must find floating and suspended within the fluid chocolate.

The most suitable is that the chocolate has a concentration of 70% cocoa. We dilute the heat with a little water. In principle for each cup three ounces and a tablespoon or two of water enough. It is important that thickened to hold the salt, but not too much, to be nice.

Temperature is another important variable. Once the chocolate served in small glasses you have to wait before adding anything temple. First extra virgin olive oil Capricho by Sandúa, then salt. If we do even when it is very hot salt will go to the bottom of the glass and should be suspended so that we encounter now and then, whole and crisp. It is taken with a spoon, for pleasure slowly lengthen and appreciate all that this cup contains.

Now that’s season we can serve it with strawberries. The washed and whole strawberry to let everyone do with it what thet want …. take it alone, mix and fruit fondue …

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