Perfect fries in 7 steps


Who does not crave a good fries? As an appetizer, snack or accompaniment of dishes, are irresistible. But what seems so simple, how to make a fried egg that some would say, it is not at all. It is clear, not all chips are equal.

And how perfect fried legs are prepared? Here we give you some tricks to get it: [...]

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Spaghetti with garlic, prawns and extra virgin olive oil

Espaguetis salteados con gambas al ajillo y aceite de oliva virgen extra

Ingredients for 4 people

300-400 gr. frozen peeled prawn, 500 gr. spaghetti, 4 cloves garlic, one or two dry chillies, half a teaspoon of paprika, salt, 100 cc. Extra virgin olive oil Great Selection Sandúa, two tablespoons of chopped fresh parsley.


The first is to heat the water to cook the spaghetti in a large pot, at least two liters of water or something else. When a boil add a tablespoon of salt, waiting to boil again and add the pasta, stirring. Boil until it is "al dente" controlling the time to package instructions. [...]

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Caprese salad with extra virgin olive oil

Ensalada caprese con aderezo de aceite de oliva virgen extra

Caprese salad with dressing extra virgin olive oil


 - 1 large tomato.

 - 250 g of fresh buffalo mozzarella

 - Some fresh basil leaves

 - Extra virgin olive oil Capricho by Sandúa Empeltre Sandúa

 - Freshly ground black pepper


 Wash well and we start tomato slices. If you do not like tomato skin, or very simply, you can scald a few seconds and peel.

 We set also sliced mozzarella.

 Alternate tomato slices with mozzarella and fresh basil put above.

 Salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle everything with a splash of extra virgin olive oil Capricho by Sandúa Empeltre.


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Loaf toasted bread with garlic and extra virgin olive oil


Loaf toasted bread with garlic and extra virgin olive oil


 -We recommend Pan bread loaf.

 -1 clove garlic

Extra virgin olive oil Capricho by Sandúa Arbequina

Cut a slice of bread or more, as you have hunger and roast. If you do not have toaster nothing happens. You put a frying pan and when hot well miss the slice of bread in keeping an eye on the bread lightly browned without being burned.

While the bread is toasting in the pan, peel the garlic clove and cut a half ot it.

Once the bread is ready, rubs one side of the medium roasted garlic clove. It is flavored bread, so do not rub it with panache but the garlic flavor is too strong.

The next step is to spray some extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina Sandúa Capricho by Sandúa on toast and that will give a unique and different flavor. Let stand a few seconds until the oil toast absorb it.

Accompany toast with your favorite coffee with milk. Find your favorite place, take the newspaper and begins your day with healthy and balanced.


Bon Appetite!


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Goat cheese salad with mango and extra virgin olive oil

Goat cheese salad with mango and extra virgin olive oil


350 g goat cheese
150 g cream
14 g of gellan gum
50 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
200 g of mango puree
2 sheets of gelatin


80 ml of milk
50g butter
20 g of powdered spices
100 g almond flour
40 g flour
Salt c. s.


baby mesclun


50 ml of vinegar Chardonnay
150 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sandúa Great Selection [...]

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Prawn salad

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Ingredients: 800g of prawns.


Cooked Carrots

Cooked Peas

Virgin Olive Oil Gran Selección Sandúa [...]

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Difficulty: Moderate

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Ingredients: 1 tin of tomatoes 1 kg, 3 medium-sized green peppers, 1 clove of garlic, 2 loafs of stale bread, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 cup of Sandúa Virgin Olive Oil, 2 hard-boiled eggs. [...]

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