In 1975 Lorenzo Sandúa Macaya founded the company in Ablitas, Navarre. Since then, with sacrifice, determination and initiative, the company has continued to grow day-by-day and has an outstanding track record in the world of oil, which has always been characterised by producing oils of the highest quality using rigorous controls and the careful selection of raw materials.

Our philosophy

Achieving maximum customer satisfaction is what has guided Sandúa from the beginning. With this in mind, the company seeks to offer a quality product with its own name and an effective, fast and personalised distribution service. To that end, the company has a network of distributors located in the various provinces of virtually the whole of Spain and takes special care to ensure that none of these provinces overlap in their respective areas of influence. Aceites Sandúa has its own distribution network in Navarre.

Sandúa is currently engaged in an ambitious international expansion plan and is seeking out new markets. The oils are already being sold in countries such as the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, India, Andorra, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Belgium and Uruguay. While in countries n which the company is already present such as France, Ireland and Germany, we have successfully expanded our customer portfolio.

Our Facilities

In recent years Aceites Sandúa, which is undergoing an expansion, has developed a major investment and projects plan aimed at expanding and modernising its facilities in Ablitas, in the south of Navarre. The company has recently invested more than a million euros into expanding its facilities and equipping them with state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, the new headquarters include its own laboratory and every year new investments continue to be made towards strengthening the quality of our products.

Commitment to the environment

In line with the new energy models, and as part of Aceites Sandúa’s corporate social responsibility policy, the company has installed a solar photovoltaic panel system at its facilities to make maximum use of natural light in order to generate electricity and thus contribute to the enhancement and respect of the environment.